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Advisor/Mentor to Small Businesses

Marvin A. Davis has acted as an on-going mentor to many start-ups and small businesses. He has participated in helping many small businesses get through the initial problems of getting a business going: from the planning through what to do next in the small business environment where there are limited resources in terms of cash and people.

Let Marv help you with the knotty issues which come up on almost a daily basis, from bank loans to employment issues with a low cost affordable mentoring program which can be tailored to meet the needs of any sized company.

Marv is willing to discuss your needs at no cost to you and sample his services at no initial expense in order to determine what makes sense for you.

Get the wisdom of a high powered CEO and author at no risk. Take advantage of advice which will help your company grow and prosper during these difficult times.

Marvin Davis

to Marvins most recent interview with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones on the The Paradise Radio Network

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